So, you've always wanted to host a concert? Now's your chance! Porchfest is easy and fun and, as the host...

...Here are a few things to know:

"Porch" is a loose term. For the purposes of Porchfest, driveways, garages, and decks all count as "porches" so long as people can easily access the area and hear the music. In other words, if you have a deck, but the only way for people to get there is through your house and your mother in-law's room, this isn't a great fit. But if you don't have a porch, but instead, have a large side-yard, that may work!

Melrose Porchfest is from 2pm-6pm. If you know musicians, and can fill the slots you want to host, go for it. Just let us know who is playing at your house and when on the Host Form. Usually, a band or musician will play for a 1 or 2 hour slot. We don't recommend acts playing for longer than that, unless your act is Bruce Springsteen.

If you need musicians to play your porch, we will be happy to assign them. Just indicate on the Host Form the times you can host. Please keep in mind, that we can only accommodate as many porches as we can fill with acts. We will make every reasonable effort to fill your porch, but if we cannot, you may not be able to host this year.

You do not pay the bands. They can put out a tip jar, and sell merchandise, but playing Porchfest is for fun, not for fame and fortune.

It is a nice thing to have water available for the bands. You don't have to (and probably shouldn't) let people stopping by to listen into your house. But please DO let the musicians use the bathroom!

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